Are you an Empath or could you be highly sensitive?

I am more than you see
4 min readJun 12, 2021
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Do you feel like you are highly aware of other people’s emotions and feelings when you are around them to the extent that you could feel what they were feeling? Their emotions were finding their way inside of you and invading whatever emotional state you were in yourself? If you have experienced this, you may be an empath. Many empaths have no idea what it is they are feeling and what makes them change their mood so often or get worn out. Even avoid social crowds. There are several types of empaths, and they can affect you in different ways. The most common type of empath is the emotional empath. They can put themselves into the shoes of others and feel their pain and struggles. It can be very overwhelming, and they can usually feel the energy of an entire room the moment they step inside it. This can also be very overwhelming for a person. Not to mention confusing. It will wear you out very easily and make you want to avoid social crowds. Environmental empaths feel everything happening to the planet on an intense level. They want to protect the earth from natural disasters and, when unable to do so, can start to feel exceedingly negative. There are also Intellectual empaths who are very keen on understanding how another person's mind works. It is effortless for them to understand another person’s perspective. They love to be around others who challenge their intellect and have different views and ideas. The last one is the medical empath they can feel when a loved one or someone close to them is sick. They will take on their sickness themselves. They naturally take on the energy of those around them. Sometimes their intuition can let others know about a disease or sickness they have. Can you relate yourself to any of these empaths? Or can you relate to almost all of them in some way? There is another personality trait similar to being an empath that is a little more complex and has a few more hitches. Some would consider it a downfall; others embrace it and use it for all they can.

Being an HSP Highly Sensitive Person. There are about 1 in 5 adults who are highly sensitive. So you either know one or you are one. It has mostly been mistaken for things like anxiety, being picky, or having a personality defect. It’s actually very normal. Basically, susceptible people are born with a nervous system that processes all stimulation deeply…

I am more than you see

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