Grateful Heart November Writing Prompt from Raven Hawke Promptly Written.

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Oh, be generous love; Come find me. My feet are sore and my heart is tired from looking for you, you see. I feel worn, weak, and weary. Most of all confused. Generous lover I don’t want to feel used. I feel like I am empty, just running on fumes…

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Slow down, graceful lady. There is so much her eager mind should know. Yet, she walks with the knowledge nobody else knows. Slow down, lady of grace; you will do fair at a much milder pace. To take in all that is around you. Even turmoil you're sure to face…

I am more than you see

I am more than you see

I long ago realized that we make it harder on ourselves to be happy & to find love. After several failed attempts of my own. Now I'm in pursuit of both.