I hope to open a few thoughts in your mind about what all goes on in a relationship plagued by jealousy. Both sides get equally tortured and killed. We are only here once and if we find someone to love. We need to love, laugh, kiss, and hold hands more often. Let's always take risks, let's always learn. Let’s test our strengths and put our worries aside.

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There are actually several forms of jealousy that are also rooted in some sort of psychiatric disorder. Including Othello Syndrome. I would not have been hip to this magnitude of jealousy myself had I not experienced it. There is another name for this type of jealousy is Delusional Jealousy. According…

Grateful Heart November Writing Prompt from Raven Hawke Promptly Written.

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Oh, be generous love; Come find me. My feet are sore and my heart is tired from looking for you, you see. I feel worn, weak, and weary. Most of all confused. Generous lover I don’t want to feel used. I feel like I am empty, just running on fumes…

“One day, you will find a home, and it won’t be a place, it will be a person. And you will be loved in spite of all the baggage and boxes you bring with you.”-Courtney Peppernell

Darkness is a dire state. To be absent of all light. Sometimes we must walk into the darkness to understand what the light is. I wasn't new to darkness. I had come face to face with it more than I would like to admit. My saving grace has been my ability to have hope. So I want to offer hope to others because hope sustains life. I am reminding us that anything is possible. It can lead you out of the darkness. The darkest place I have come to know is addiction. It will strip you of everything you have, including the person you once knew yourself to be. But will nevermore be. There are still lessons to be learned from the unthinkable. I want to share the knowledge I have gained from my experience. Maybe I can shed light for some going through your darkest of days.

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There were people in my life who gave me kindness and wisdom. They shed…

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When we become adults, we learn to focus on symbolizing ourselves in a manner admirable to others. Wouldn’t it be nice to speak your own truth freely, beyond concern for how others might view it? Have space in your life where you can take off the masks? I have a thought experiment. You will be the subject, and you will also be the result. It is to try and see yourself distinctly through your own eyes. How honest can you be with yourself, and how will it be, tell the truth? First of all, this has to be handwritten. When you write something out, it is like a fingerprint. Our handwriting can tell our intention. You give things away when you put pen to paper. Writing something beautiful by hand can last an eternity.

We can’t change the past, but we remember it is never the same way twice. Every time we remember something, it is from our last memory of it. We always create our history to suit the present need. Try to do something of the opposite here. We can’t hide from…

The Secret to Finding Love is Learning Love.

Audio by Play.ht for The Secret to Finding Love is Learning how to Love.

Change and growth occur when you take risks and experiment with your own life—being afraid of what might happen because the unknown is scary but excited enough to do it anyway—trusting yourself enough to go out and do something different. If you are unhappy, or lonely, or don't like the things happening around you. Write yourself a new scene. Paint a unique backdrop. Get new actors, and if you are not satisfied with that Play. Get off the stage and write yourself a new scene.

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I was talking with a friend of mine the other day who once again was experiencing trouble in her marriage of 25 years. She was telling me how she was so tired of being treated…

I have had writer’s block due to my fear of judgement from my readers. It’s a good thing I don’t have that many. I recently read a story that proved me to be right.

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Sharing my story with readers to be able to connect with them on a deeper level has been a challenge when it comes to my personal story. I start to question everything out of fear. Will they get me? Will they understand or throw stones and turn never to get…

I am more than you see

I long ago realized that we make it harder on ourselves to be happy & to find love. After several failed attempts of my own. Now I'm in pursuit of both.

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